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AAOHN Dues Restructuring and Meeting

Posted 3 months ago by Steven Marks

Dear AAOHN Members,
Several weeks ago, AAOHN announced that a bylaws vote will occur in January 2019 that allows our members to choose which chapters they will belong to. We hope that you have been able to browse the AAOHN website for more information and ask questions on the Optional Chapter Structure Forum.
Most of us have been, or are currently, involved in leadership positions at the chapter level. Throughout the years, we have all received valuable networking and engagement opportunities with OHN’s local communities through our chapters.
However, we recognize as a board that the way people interact and network is changing. The AAOHN chapter model is no longer necessary to share resources, earn CNE, and stay up to date with OHN news. With this bylaw change, the future generation of occupational health nurses will have the choice to join one of our 90 chapters as a way to enhance their membership experience if it fits their needs. Further, our chapters would have increased flexibility over their bylaws, governance structure, and membership categories. We hope this allows our chapters to flourish and grow with the changing landscape.
We are happy to announce the proposed dues decrease from $185 to $165 on the national level. After careful consideration, we concluded that AAOHN could remain fiscally responsible to our members and stakeholders even with a decrease in dues amounts. We know a significant amount of our members pay their dues out of pocket, and we are optimistic that this will encourage new members to join and learn about the amazing resources our OHN’s have to offer.
We have been talking a lot recently about the future – the future of the occupational health profession, the future generation of OHNs, and the future of our important organization. We encourage you to “Adapt and Thrive” to these upcoming changes and vote in favor of the bylaws change being presented in January.
For more information, and to ask questions, register for the Town Hall on December 6 at 11:00 a.m. CST.
Respectfully signed,
AAOHN Board of Directors
Mary Gene Ryan, President
Barb Maxwell, President-Elect
Kim Olszewski, Secretary
Brenda S. Hellerud, Director Mountain/Western Region
Jeanne Vincent, Director Mountain/Western Region
Barbara A. Enochs, Director North Central Region
Ginny Carlson, Director North Central Region
David R. Embrey, Director South Central/Southwest Region
Pat Strasser, Director South Central/Southwest Region
Yolanda Lang, Director Northeast Region
Steven Marks, Director Northeast Region
Jennylynn Balmer, Director Southeast Region
Phyllis McLean, Director Southeast Region
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.