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AAOHN By Laws Vote

Posted 16 days ago by Steven Marks

Just a reminder to vote "YES" on the proposed AAOHN bylaws.  

 If the new bylaws are approved, the following items will change:

  • Regional, State and Local membership will become optional.
  • AAOHN National Dues will decrease to $165
  • AAOHN will no longer have to review or approve chapter bylaws changes.
  • Chapters will have the ability to evolve and change their business models to meet local needs.
  • Chapters will be able to market to other members according to their own bylaws.
  • Chapters will need to market more actively to recruit and retain their membership.
  • Some chapters may become non-viable and it will be the responsibility of the surrounding chapters to reach out and market themselves to the remaining members.

NJSAOHN and NEAOHN are strong organizations with a very long history.  This change will give us the freedom to become more responsive to the needs of our local nurses.

I urge you to vote "Yes" on the ballot.

Thank you and take care,

Steve Marks

President NJSAOHN